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Who is Sophie Shepherd ( White student claims NYT reporter Donald McNeil said racism is ‘over’ ) Wiki, Bio, Details, Informations and More Facts

Sophie Shepherd

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  • Sophie Shepherd was 17 years old in July 2019 when she traveled to Peru
  • She had just finished her senior year at the prestigious Andover boarding school.
  • It is not known if all the other students came from Andover or other schools.
  • McNeil talked about racism with white children on the trip and used the N word at lunch.
  • Shepherd said it wasn’t her worst comment, also saying it was “frustrating” that “black Americans kept blaming the system.”
  • McNeil resigned last week after her comments about her trip appeared in a Daily Beast article.
  • It also turns out that Times editor-in-chief Dean Baquet wanted to fire him in 2019, but the union stopped doing so.

A white Andover student traveling to Peru with New York Times reporter Donald McNeil, using N-word claims, also told the group that racism was “over” and that “black Americans are out.” The ghetto can come. If you want it “.

The trip took place in 2019 and was part of the Times Journey program, a money-making effort in which seasoned reporters from the Times took people on guided educational trips to different parts of the world.

Sophie Shepherd was part of the group that paid $ 5,000 per person for McNeil’s educational trip to Peru.

It was called “Public Health and Development in the Andes” and included excursions, activities, and dorm stays. At the time, she was a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts, and she was 17 at the time, just finishing her senior year.

She is now a student at the University of Iowa. It is not known if all the children were traveling from school or if she had arranged it privately.

On Sunday she told the Times in an article that the N word was not the only racist word McNeil spoke.

According to Shepherd , he also said:

“It is frustrating because American blacks continue to blame the system, but racism is over, there is nothing against it, they can get out of the ghetto if they want to.”

Shepherd said she tried to argue with him, but he replied, “That’s the problem with these liberal institutions like Andover: they teach you that the world should be like this, but it’s not reality.”

She said he was “in a bad mood” but she felt sorry for him.

“There was an atmosphere where people didn’t like him … he was a grumpy old man.”

According to Shepherd, McNeil was talking to another student at lunch on the first day of the trip when he used the N word.

Earlier that day, she had chased him as the group left their hostel to inquire about reviews of his book.

“He got very defensive very fast,” she said.

She then she felt “terrible” and as if she had succeeded “like a crazy liberal”.

Another student who was present told the Times that when Shepherd used the N word, she did not apologize for it.

“I’m very used to people, my grandparents or people’s parents, saying things that are not insensitive.

“You correct them, you say, ‘You shouldn’t talk like that,’ and people generally apologize and respond to corrections. And it wasn’t, “said the student.

The Times published its comments Sunday with more details about McNeil’s resignation.

He will continue to work on The Times through March 1 and refuses to comment on the scandal until then.

He resigned last week after 150 employees wrote a letter demanding his dismissal.

The students complained to The Times at the time of the incident and Dean Baquet, the newspaper’s executive director, wanted to fire them, but McNeil’s union opposed it.

A source said the union would arbitrate the newspaper to protect McNeil.

The problem reappeared in an article by Daily Beast earlier this month.

In his resignation letter and apology to his colleagues, McNeil Jr. said he had shown “extremely poor judgment”.

His withdrawal has divided the staff.

Some say he didn’t deserve to end his career with “one word”. Others have pointed out that he is one of the Times best COVID-19 reporters, appearing regularly on the newspaper’s podcast, The Daily.

In response to Shepherd’s allegations, McNeil told The Times, “I’m sure we will have different memories of the conversations that took place long ago.”

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