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Shooting at Southwark: Man was hospitalized after shooting at Southwark, Wiki, Bio, Incident, Crime, Investigations and More Facts


Man injured at shooting in Southwark

A man was hospitalized with life-changing injuries following an accident in Southwark this evening (September 23). Emergency services were called to Alexis Street in Bermondsey following reports of gunshots in the area shortly before 3:30 pm.

When police and the London ambulance arrived, they discovered a 27-year-old man near an elementary school. He was shot and taken to the hospital.

Official Sources

According to official sources, his injuries could be life-changing even if they are not classified as life-threatening.

The incident appears to have occurred near a spot where flowers were placed in honor of a previous shooting victim.

A police spokesperson said, “I called Alexis Street, Southwark, SE16 after reports of gunshots [at 15:24].

“The officers and LAS found a 27-year-old man with gunshot wounds at southwark.

“They took him to the hospital. The wound is now considered non-fatal, but it can be life-changing.”

There were no other injuries in the incident and a police cordon was placed on the site and has now been removed.