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Who is Steven Brandenburg ( Pharmacist Accused of Spoiling COVID-19 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Steven Brandenburg

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Pharmacist has been accused of removing doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from refrigeration units with the alleged intention of rendering them ineffective.

A state board has suspended the license of a now-licensed pharmacist ‘‘Steven Brandenburg” in Wisconsin after being accused of deliberately corrupting more than 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Steven Brandenburg, 46, is prohibited from practicing pharmacy in the state or working in any pharmacy in any form while the suspension is in effect by order of PEOPLE’s Wisconsin Pharmacy Examination Board.

The decision stated that Brandenburg had first received its pharmacist license on 22 August 1997 and had voluntarily consented to the suspension “in order to focus on the planned criminal proceedings”.

Brandenburg was working as a pharmacist at a medical facility in Grafton when he withdrew doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from refrigeration units on December 24 and 25, with the alleged intention of rendering them ineffective under the order.

Brandenburg, who worked at Aurora Medical Center, was released from his post, as per orders.

His lawyer Jason Baltz did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Reasons Brandenburg Was Arrested For?

Brandenburg was arrested for three reasons: reckless security threats, falsification of a prescription drug, and damage to criminal property. According to online records, the prison was released after posting a $ 10,000 bond.

In a trial on January 4, Brandenburg was asked not to plead guilty to the three recommended charges he was originally jailed for as authorities worked to determine whether the vials were really ruined , reported Milwaukee. Sentinel Journal.

The Brandenburg charges could be changed based on the results of the tests Moderna performs on the contaminated vials, depending on the release.

If the doses weren’t wrong, most of these claims would have been dismissed.

In divorce papers filed the day before Brandenburg’s arrest and received by WISN, Brandenburg wife Gretchen Brandenburg claimed that her husband was a ‘licensed conspiracy theorist’ who rented units in which he ‘stored food”. and weapons “. Wholesale”.

“I was so concerned for my safety and the safety of the children that I left town for a while,” he wrote in the file.

The divorce petition also referred to a conversation the couple had after leaving a water purifier, a large bucket of powdered milk and two buckets of emergency food for themselves and their children for 30 days.

“He told me that if I don’t understand now that he is right and the world is falling apart around us, I have seriously denied it,” his wife told the judge, adding that Brandenburg believed that ” the government was cyberattack plans and plans to shut them down. The power grid.