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Who is Steven Carlson ( Man confessed killing of 14 year old girls attempted in 1984 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Confess, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Steven Carlson

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The killer of a 14 – year – old girl was confessed to killing six years after his conviction in 1984

Steven Carlson was 16 years old when he brutally murdered Tina Faelz on April 5, 1984 in Pleasanton, California. Carlson was convicted in 2014 but has so far pleaded not guilty to stabbing him.

In three letters received by the San Francisco Chronicle, Carlson admits to killing his youngest classmate by stabbing him 44 times with a kitchen knife. Of the three letters, one is a nine-page “informative” statement written for state parole, one to Faelz’s family and the other to his victim.

Confession By Letter

“These deep apologies are long overdue,” Carlson wrote in his letter. “I lived forbidden for many years, I could not believe in the brutal murder of that day, April 5, 1984, or take responsibility for it. I want you and your family to know that they did nothing by earning what I did to them. That’s what makes this murder so cruel and terrifying. “”

Incident Details

According to the newspaper, Carlson killed Faelz while he was drunk when he was bullied at school the day before after he tried to organize a party at his home while his parents were out of town.

Carlson said he hadn’t planned a murder that day, but was upset that Faelz was walking toward the school house across the street.

“I remember getting angry at how all my classmates laughed at me, how messy my parents’ room was, and how my dad whipped me after I met the party. That was celebrating,” he wrote. . I remember going into the kitchen and grabbing a butcher knife. I crossed the road to a “throat” field where Tina Faelz was at the time. ”

“I don’t remember the withered movements,” Carlson wrote in his letter. “I just remember being with a bloody knife in the hand of his bloodied body.

In his letter, Carlson wrote, “If you’re thinking about your business, you have to go home alone and walk through that terrible sewer tunnel, it could be terrible even for a 14-year-old girl; but surprisingly, she attacked you and killed me… . ”

Charges Against Carlson

Carlson, who at the time was arrested for other crimes, was arrested in 2011 while DNA found in Faelz’s bag was with him. Three years later he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 26 years in prison. In 2017, San Francisco’s first district court turned the charges into second-degree murder and resigned for ten years.

Faelz’s brother, Drew, told the newspaper: “It’s good to know he admits it, he’s 100% like him. In this part I feel better when I get the confirmation, but it doesn’t solve anything.

Alameda County Deputy Prosecutor Stacie Pettigrew told the media that Carlson’s admission was “too little, too late” 36 years after the crime.

“I think about how Drew (Faelz) told me he couldn’t sleep at night if his mother wasn’t sitting in front of the room because he was afraid of his sister’s killer who killed him or how he would be at the grocery store” if the man before him is the man who killed his sister, “he said.

“The lives of the family members of each murder victim have changed forever and irreversibly,” Pettigrew added to the column, “but I think I could sleep much better and how much fear and anxiety.” Worry would have been avoided if Drew had confessed. He was just a kid. I think the humble seem too late. “”