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Sun Yang: Chinese swimming Olympic champion suspended for eight years, Sun Yang Biography, Age, Family Statement, Previous Ban and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Sun Yang

Sun Yang Biography – Wiki

Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang will miss the 2020 Tokyo Games after being suspended for eight years for violating anti-doping rules.

The Sports Arbitral Tribunal (CAS) confirmed the appeal of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against a decision by the FINA Swimming Federation to whitewash him for a doping offense in 2018.
Sun was accused of breaking the vial of his blood after an argument with a team of FINA drug testers at his home in September 2018.

Sun Yang- Family Statement

The 28-year-old, his mother, and those around him are said to have disrupted the FINA team’s efforts to obtain samples because they did not believe the testers were properly accredited or qualified.

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Sun Yang- Previous Ban

Sun, who previously imposed a three-month ban on a previous crime, was cleared up by a later FINA investigation, which caused a mix of anger and disbelief in the swimming world.
This was evident at the World Water Championships in South Korea in July 2019 when Sun won their 10th and 11th world titles, but also competed in medal ceremonies against the Australian Mack Horton and the British Duncan Scott.

The CAS decision released on Friday reads as follows: “The CAS committee has unanimously decided to its satisfaction that the athlete has violated FINA DC article 2.5 (modification of part of the.) Doping control).

“In particular, the committee noted that the doping control personnel met all applicable requirements of the International Standard for Tests and Examinations (ISTI).

“In particular, the athlete has not demonstrated that he had a convincing justification for destroying his sample container and waiving doping control if, in his opinion, the sampling protocol did not match the ISTI.

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