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Who is Susan Mary Strahsmeier Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Many More Facts

Susan Mary Strahsmeier

Susan Mary Strahsmeier Wiki Bio

Susan Mary Strahsmeier from Gulfport, was in St. Petersburg on Tuesday. He was arrested by officials of the St. Petersburg Police Department and charged with possession of weapons and child abuse at a property school. This is evident from a statement about the prosecution issued by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.
Shocked students in California trying to stop the fight between two parents.

Susan Mary Strahsmeier Age

She is 42 year old.

More Facts about Susan Mary Strahsmeier

Police said that this week, a Florida woman was arrested after being accused of repeatedly hitting a student with a purple gun on a campus.

His mother assaulted a girl allegedly having a dispute at Azalea Secondary School on Monday, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
In the arrest report, Strahsmeiers said the children were engaged in a physical war by repeatedly hitting the victim in the back of the head while holding a purple Taser. According to officials, the victim suffered minor head injuries.
Police told Tampa Bay Times that several students were watching the accident and the agency had taken videos of the violent explosion. According to law enforcement agencies, an additional fee was charged for the violation of the detention service for past crimes.
Strahsmeier was transferred to Pinellas County Jail on a $ 10,000 bond. Mr.News9 said his mother had been arrested seven times before his arrest on December 3, 2006. It is still unclear what caused the debate among students on campus in Florida.

Victim injured in a ball attack was not detected by the police. A police report to Newsweek, the media relations consultant for the Pinellas County sheriff, confirmed that two children were involved in “physical conflicts after school,” and that Strahsmeier appeared at the scene with a rubber anchor.
Azalea belongs to Orta Pinellas District Schools. The public school information officer did not immediately respond to his request to comment on the incident.
“All students, employees and volunteers learn about school management policy in an environment and do a safe and trouble-free work of any kind. The school administration does not tolerate harassment or abuse. ”

The results of a visitor or volunteer who is afraid to be identified or abused by the school head after reviewing the nature and conditions of the law, including reports to law enforcement authorities, l he adds.
A local official said a preliminary hearing was held yesterday. Couldn’t contact the victim. Two numbers are third-degree offenses, records confirmed.

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