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Who Was Sydney Sutherland ( Woman Were Raped & Buried, Man is Charged Against Murder & Rape ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Rape, Murder, Incident Details, Investigations and More Facts

Sydney Sutherland

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Incident Details

Death charges from a New Arkansas runner show that the suspect struck the woman in his truck, then took her away and s*xually assaulted her before burying the victim’s body on the highway that was found two days later.

A new detail revealed in Arkansas Democratic magazine legal documents extends the accusations to Quake Lewellyn, who authorities said knew 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland and even joined the Facebook group he wanted to track. missing.

Man Charged

Lewellyn, 28, was arrested Aug. 21 and is being held without bail in the Randolph County Jail for murder, rape, kidnapping and personal injury, PEOPLE confirms. Lewelly’s attorney is not on the prison record.

Two days earlier, authorities had said that Sutherland, who was a nurse, had disappeared while on the run.

After returning to the home he shared with a friend, investigators quickly began a search with various agencies, including the Arkansas State Police and the FBI. In addition to the search on foot in the area, three helicopters were used to conduct aerial investigations, Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas said at a news conference.

Lewellyn, a farmer, was arrested by authorities hours after Sutherland’s remains were found near his home in Jackson County.

According to testimony, an Arkansas State Police investigator said Lewellyn saw Sutherland jogging on 41 South Jackson County Road, more than a mile from his home.

Lewellyn Admit Charges Against Him

Authorities said Lewellyn admitted to hitting Sutherland with his truck, then loading him into his vehicle and taking him to a remote location where he raped and buried him.

Later, the police found the victim’s cell phone. According to testimony, they could have approached the suspect to the body using the data from Lewellyn’s cell phone.

Lewellyn is scheduled for October 29.

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