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Tasia Stephens

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  • PC Tasia Stephens fell into a house the night of April 25-26, 2020
  • South Wales Police Officer Failed His Blood Alcohol Test After Accident
  • She is accused of attending a family reunion in violation of lockdown rules prior to the incident and is expelled by the police.
  • A hearing is scheduled for next week in Pencoed, Bridgend

A young police officer stands in front of the bag for allegedly violating lockdown rules by attending a wet family party and then drinking alcohol on the way home.

PC Tasia Stephens, 24, was out of commission when her car collided with a home after allegedly attending a family gathering held on a Saturday night in April during the initial lockdown.

Stephens was over the legal limit when she gasped after being run over by other officers.

In April, the UK had strict internal rules. In Wales it was forbidden to meet people from other families inside or outside.

The South Wales policewoman could be expelled from the police force if she is found guilty.

“PC Tasia Stephens allegedly violated the Welsh government lockdown restrictions by attending a family party on the night of April 25-26, 2020 while she was off duty,” police said.

That same night, when she couldn’t do it, she drove and her car collided with a building.

After failing a blood alcohol test that night, the Magistrates Court ordered the officer to drive a motor vehicle if he exceeded the required limit.

“ It is argued that failure to comply with the Welsh government confinement restrictions, disability guidance and conviction for such a crime violates professional standards of conduct for misconduct and where violations, single or cumulative, are shown to constitute gross negligence to justify dismissal. ‘

The hearing is scheduled for next week in Pencoed, Bridgend, the Wales News Service reported.

It will be closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.