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Tatyana O

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A 224-pound Russian woman faces harsh justice for sitting on top of her husband and strangling him to death with her huge buttocks during a heated argument,

Tatyana O. refused to let Aidar go despite an “apology,” East2West News reported.

Aidar’s daughter saw him pinned face down on the bed and rushed to ask neighbors in the Russian city of Novokuznetsk for help, according to the news agency, which cited evidence from the ‘case.

An oncoming neighbor reportedly decided the couple were in the middle of a domestic argument and left.

Tatyana said she just wanted to reassure her husband after the couple drank.

Aidar died of “airway suffocation” when her face was trapped in the mattress as Tatyana sat on her neck, “with her legs so she couldn’t lift her,” according to a medical exam.

The woman “strangled her husband to death with his butt after drinking too much alcohol,” according to a local media report quoted by East2West.

During a trial, Tatyana was sentenced to wrongful death after a murder charge was dropped.

However, the commission of inquiry announced that it would seek a new murder charge against Tatyana, who was furious “after using a lot”.

After Aidan stopped showing signs of life, “the accused shook him in shock and yelled at him to wake him up.”