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Who is Taulant Stoica ( London cafe boss, 34, from Albania who is accused of smuggling heroin ) Wiki, bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Taulant Stoica

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A London cafeteria manager Taulant Stoica, originally from Albania, accused of smuggling heroin across Europe as part of a major drug trafficking ring, is extradited to Italy.

Taulant Stoica Age

Taulant Stoica, 34, is accused of trafficking drugs from the Netherlands to Italy between December 2015 and February 2016.

He allegedly conspired with 38 other people who helped transport and distribute Class A drugs in Italy.

Prosecutors allege the father of four from Brampton Road in Bexleyheath, Kent, fled to the UK and set up the Roma Milano Café on Lea Bridge Road in Walthamstow, east London, to avoid to be arrested.

But Stoica, who entered the dock with a Louis Vuitton face mask, claimed that an official document was sent to her by her Italian lawyer confirming the warrant had been dropped.

Stoica, previously released on bail after paying a £ 20,000 guarantee at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, has asked for his name and age to be confirmed by an interpreter.

Defense lawyer Louisa Collins

Defense lawyer Louisa Collins said: “I received a notification this morning that the EU arrest warrant has been withdrawn.

“I have received a document from Mr Stoica’s Italian lawyer. A resolution was adopted as of today, February 1, 2021.”

The hearing took place on January 28. The decision, I believe, was made on that date, but an official copy of the order was issued this morning.

“I don’t have a translation of this document.

“The ending seems to suggest the EU’s arrest warrant will be quashed.”

Amanda Bostock, of the Italian government, said prosecutors had not received confirmation of the decision to quash the warrant.

Speaking to the judge, Ms Bostock said: “Sir, we have contacted the Italian liaison judge, but she was not aware of any motion to withdraw the European arrest warrant.”

District Judge John Bristow told Stoica: “I first heard the extradition hearing on December 7 last year. I was not able to deliver judgment on January 6 because I had not received confirmation by that date that the warrant had been withdrawn in Italy.

“As you know, I informed you on January 6 that I would deliver judgment today, unless there is definitive evidence that the European arrest warrant has been withdrawn by the Italian authorities.

“Despite what Mrs Collins has submitted on your behalf, and despite her best efforts this morning, I am not convinced that I can be clear that the European arrest warrant has been withdrawn by the Italian authorities.

“I’m sure the Italian authorities have decided to prosecute you.

“I am sure that your extradition to Italy is compatible with your right to respect for your private and family life. I am sure that the extradition would not be disproportionate and I therefore order your extradition to Italy. ”

The judge ordered Stoica not to enter international transport hubs, request international documents or be in possession of such documents.

He was released on bail on the condition that he lived at his home, followed an electronically monitored curfew from midnight to 4 a.m., had a cell phone with him at all times, and answered incoming calls.

Stoica’s passport was handed over to the police.

Judge Bristow added: “If the UK authorities ask you to surrender by a certain date, you must do so.”

Stoica denies the drug trade. He has seven days to appeal the judge’s decision or he will be transferred to Italy.