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Who is Tekesha Phillips ( NHS nurse had her car stolen after finishing treating Covid patients ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Tekesha Phillips

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A nurse’s car was stolen after completing a grueling 12-hour job treating coronavirus patients. Tekesha Phillips, 22, was devastated after heartless thieves stole her engine in Birmingham.

The NHS staff member only wanted to go to bed after working until 7 a.m. all night.

She had just finished her third consecutive night shift with full PPE.

But when Tekesha left Birmingham City Hospital, the nurse found his Ford Fiesta was missing.


All that was left of her car on Residential Street was a pile of broken glass from her window.

Tekesha called the police on Monday but was told not to have any hope due to lack of evidence.

She told The Sun, “This was my third shift in a new hospital.

“I was parked in front of the hospital because I don’t have access to the parking lot yet.

“I had spent 12 hours in full protective clothing, as you can imagine, it is exhausting in itself.

“When I left in the morning my car was gone, I thought I was going crazy.

“It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the window and discovered that my car had been stolen.

“I’d worked so long my phone ran out of battery, so I asked a colleague in the elevator.

Lack of evidence

“When I loaded it, I called the police, but they immediately closed it because there were no witnesses.”

The destroyed nurse now wonders if she would like to work in the hospital again.

Tekesha from Birmingham added, “I don’t feel safe going back to this hospital now.

“I’m not trying to think about what happened because it’s still pretty brutal.

“All my non-claims are now gone from my insurance and I have to write off the car.

“I don’t know how much of it I’ll get. My driver’s license was in the car too.

A West Midlands Police spokesman told The Sun: “We received a call just before 8am Monday morning from a woman who reported that her white Fiesta Zetec car had been stolen from Lansdowne Street in Birmingham.

“We immediately checked whether the vehicle had activated cameras in the past 24 hours but found no traces.

“Although it is believed that there are surveillance cameras nearby, it is not known exactly when the car was stolen or if cameras were pointed at the area where the vehicle was parked.

“The vehicle has now been reported stolen on police systems in case officers see it at a later date.

“We appreciate the upheaval and frustrations caused by auto crime and where there is investigation we will endeavor to do so.”

“We will contact the victim again to discuss their concerns and outline our approach to the investigation.”

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