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Who is Theresa Biagta ( Woman 39, Killed by FORMER US naval officer ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Theresa Biagta

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A former United States Navy officer who allegedly shot the mother of his newborn baby was furious that they left him and could not see the baby, police said.

Rommer Gonzales, 40, reportedly fired five shots at Theresa Biagta, 39, in her apartment in the Philippine province of Pangasinan on January 7.

The former soldier reportedly went to the woman’s home to pick up her two-week-old baby, but she refused to let him in and told him to leave her.

The couple broke up while her Theresa was pregnant after claiming that she caught her cheating on another woman.

Theresa had given the baby to her sister the night before after receiving a threat from her ex-boyfriend that she would keep the baby.

Rommer broke into the door of the woman’s home, but was furious that he was asked to leave her before a confrontation broke out.

The former officer searched for the baby, but the rebel did not tell him where the baby was.

Soon after, Rommer reportedly pulled the gun from him and threatened his ex-girlfriend before shooting him.

The man then ran onto his motorcycle to escape. He was found by the police the next day.

The woman’s body was found by relatives who took her to the hospital, but paramedics declared her dead.

Lt. Col. Jun Wacnag, Mangaldan’s chief of police, said in an update on the case this week that prosecutors believed the two were fighting for custody of the young son.

He said: “The suspect wanted to take his son.

“We are also investigating the possibility that Gonzales had an affair with someone else that caused both to fire him before they were born.”

Rommer is currently detained in the provincial prison on trial for murder.