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Thomas Andrew Shultz

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Two men have been charged in connection with the alleged University of Missouri-Columbia bullying incident in which 19-year-old freshman Daniel Santulli was blind and unable to speak or walk on her own.

Suspect Identified

A grand jury in Boone County, Mo., on Friday indicted Ryan Patrick Delanty of Ballwin and Thomas Andrew Shultz of Chesterfield on charges of criminal harassment and misdemeanor supplying alcohol to an underage or intoxicated person, Louis reported. Post Dispatch.

Delanty is around 20 years old, while Shultz is 21, according to the newspaper.

Santulli, of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, outside of Minneapolis, is assisted by his parents Thomas and Mary Pat, who are suing the fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, the owner, and 23 members. All but two of the members have settled out of court in the civil case, the Post-Dispatch reported.

Shultz also faces a felony for tampering with physical evidence in a criminal case, the Columbia Missourian reported.

“This is the worst injury ever inflicted by brotherhoods in the United States,” Santulli family lawyer David Bianchi told the newspaper. “We have been dealing with these cases for 30 years. I know the landscape of bullying. I know the defenders who defend the brotherhoods. And everyone agrees that’s the worst thing ever.”

The lawsuit claims Santulli showed up at the fraternity house for the so-called ‘Pledge Dad Reveal Night’ on the night of October 19, 2021 after weeks of sleep deprivation and pointed to the rushed process he was in. “Many times”. he was ordered to clean the brothers’ rooms and bring them food, alcohol, and marijuana at all hours of the night. “He was also ordered to climb into a bin containing broken glass, leaving him with a bad cut on his foot, which i the necessary stitches had to be taken and left on crutches.

As president of the fraternity, Shultz collected liquor for the night, according to the lawsuit. Delanty, dubbed Santulli’s pawn father, handed him a family-sized bottle of vodka and ordered him to finish it.

Another fraternity brother, Alec Wetzler of St. Louis, poured the beer through a funnel into Santulli’s mouth.

Santulli was left on a couch with a blood alcohol level of .468 and the lawsuit says another member saw his condition deteriorate but did nothing. Santulli slid off the couch and her face landed on the floor, pale skin and blue lips. The members eventually took him to the hospital, where medical staff found that he had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped. He was resuscitated and put on a ventilator.

Days Later

The ventilator was removed and he was able to breathe on his own, “but he was unresponsive, unaware of his surroundings, unable to communicate, and had severe brain damage,” according to the cause. . His condition remains the same nine months later.

The lawsuit claims that two days before the stalking incident, Santulli cried on the phone with his sister over the stress of the fraternity initiation process and his family asked him to stop promising.

“Danny, however, was no slacker,” the lawsuit claims, “and like so many promises before him, he did not want to be humiliated and ridiculed by those in whose ranks he was trying to join. The defendants knew this and had seen it all beforehand.” .

Earlier this month, Wetzler was beaten on suspicion of supplying alcohol to a minor and possessing alcohol from an underage in connection with the fall incident last. Bianchi said Friday he hopes the Boone County prosecutor will bring other criminal charges beyond those against Shultz and Delanty.

The university said in a press release in May that the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity chapter was removed from campus and 13 students were disciplined, but did not disclose how.