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Thomas Griffiths

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Thomas Griffiths, then 17, was 12.5 years old for killing his ex-girlfriend Ellie Gould

His parents fought for a harsher sentence, and ministers last month announced a review that would be billed as Ellie’s law.

However, they suggest reducing the minimum sentence to ten years for adolescents who kill at home.

Thomas Griffiths Crimes

This would apply to Griffiths, who killed 17-year-old Ellie with a knife that he took from her parents’ home in Calne, Wiltshire.

A source close to Attorney General Robert Buckland last night urged officials to change the guidelines after being alerted on Sunday.

They said: “Robert has left the officers without any doubt that this is simply unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, shadow attorney general David Lammy said:

“It is a terrifying oversight for the government to leave a vacuum that could allow local killers like Thomas Griffiths to get out of trouble with a lighter sentence.

“The Labor Party stands by the parents of victims of domestic murders, including Matt and Carole Gould and Julie Devey.

“The government should fix this mess and make changes to ensure that national murderers receive the harsh punishment they deserve.”

Carole and Matt Gould said: “We can’t believe they suggested that someone like Griffiths reduced his sentence.

“Why should a life taken at home by someone you know be less appreciated than a life taken by a stranger on the street?”

The Justice Department said Ellie’s murder was a “terrible crime” and will continue to “seek opportunities” with her family.

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