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TikTok Holocaust video ‘challenge’ slammed by critics as ‘hurtful and offensive’ Wiki, Bio, Details, Twitter and More Facts

TikTok Holocaust

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TikTok Holocaust, a new role-playing trend at TikTok, in which young people recreate the trauma of the Holocaust, has drawn the ire of critics who have called the videos “traumatic pornography.”

Hashtag #holocaustchallenge

The videos, posted under the hashtag #holocaustchallenge, aim to educate viewers about the horrors of the Holocaust and the Nazi death camps, but critics have called them insensitive and disrespectful.

In the video above, the CEO of TikTok leaves

In the videos, the actors put on makeup to appear deranged, sick or emaciated.

Some wear Star of David badges or striped concentration camp uniforms.

They claim to be in Heaven and explain to those who still live how they died during Hitler’s Third Reich.

The videos were viewed thousands of times, but as the “challenge” of the video grew, so did the anger.

“Right. Can we please stop making the Holocaust trends on Tiktok? This is outright anti-Semitism and you all let it slip,” wrote one Twitter user.

In the UK, a man who witnessed the Holocaust criticized the social media trend, calling it “outrage”.

Dr. Martin Stern MBE

Dr. Martin Stern MBE, 81, who was a young child detained in two separate concentration camps in the Netherlands, said the videos trivialized the Holocaust.

“If their families had been involved in what my family was involved in, they would see the horror of it,” Dr Étoile told Metro UK.

“This is no excuse to believe that you are ‘entertaining’ or doing something right.

“Ignorance is no excuse for being deeply immoral.

“People need to be better informed.”

Marc Cave, CEO of Britain’s National Holocaust Museum, said

Marc Cave, CEO of Britain’s National Holocaust Museum, said the videos were “humiliating” to victims and survivors of the Nazi genocide, which killed around six million Jews.

He described the video challenge as “traumatic porn” and “a simple, childish RPG.”

“If you want to raise awareness, work with Holocaust educators like us,” he added.

The Polish Auschwitz Museum also responded, calling the phenomenon “hurtful and offensive”.

“Some videos are dangerously close or already cross the trivializing story line,” the museum said in a statement.

“But we must discuss it so as not to shame and attack the young people, whose motivation seems very different.

“It’s an educational challenge.”

Some content creators have since deleted the videos from their TikTok accounts.

TikTok decided that the videos did not violate its guidelines because of their “outreach goal.”

But Twitter users still demand that the “trend” stop.

“I’m sad that this has become something that people think is okay to practice their makeup and acting skills,” one person wrote.

“It is the suffering of millions of people.”

Similar videos have also appeared on TikTok in which actors play the victims of 9/11.

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