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Wisconsin state senator Tim Carpenter was attacked by group of people, Incident details and Facts

Tim Carpenter

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A group of people reportedly attacked a Wisconsin state senator Tim Carpenter on Tuesday night, after photographing protesters outside the Capitol.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, state senator Tim Carpenter, a Democrat, was going to the Capitol when he took a picture of protesters gathered outside the building.

“Next, I get five to six punches and get kicked in the head,” Carpenter told the newspaper. The protesters told Sentinel reporter Lawrence Andrea that Carpenter had provoked them.

After the attack, Carpenter collapsed, WKOW-TV reported. The station staff called an ambulance. No additional information about the incident, possible arrests or Carpenter’s condition was available immediately.

The attack came hours after Madison police arrested 28-year-old activist Devonere Johnson, claiming he had brought a baseball bat and megaphone to a business, according to WKOW.

On Tuesday night

On Tuesday night, protesters shot down the “Forward” statue and dropped another, a representation of Colonel Hans Christian Heg, in a nearby lake, media reports said. Heg was an abolitionist, reported the Sentinel Journal.

Protests against racism and police violence began late last month after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed while being detained by Minneapolis police. Since then, several protests have taken place in cities across the country.