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How a Federal prosecutor; wife dead in apparent murder-suicide? Timothy Delgado Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Shot hi Wife, Marriage, Victim’ Mother Statement and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Timothy Delgado

Timothy Delgado Short Biography – Wiki

Timothy Delgado, a California federal prosecutor shot his wife before turning on the gun in an alleged suicide, the authorities said.

Timothy Delgado- Age

He is 43 years old.

Timothy Delgado- Shot His Wife Tamara Delgado

Deputy U.S. attorney Timothy Delgado shot his wife Tamara Delgado, 45, at the couple’s house in Granite Bay on Sunday, and then committed suicide, the Placer County sheriff’s office said on Monday.

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“We’re investigating yesterday’s murder as murder / suicide,” said department officials.

Detectives responded to the couple’s house on Sunday and closed the area while a murder investigation was ongoing. There was no permanent danger to the public, sheriff officials tweeted on Sunday.

Timothy Delgado- Married for about Five Months

Timothy and Tamara have been married for about five months, neighbors told KVOR.

Timothy Delgado was a prosecutor at the US law firm in the Eastern District of California in Sacramento. Prosecutor McGregor Scott was informed of his death on Sunday, the prosecutor said.

“We were informed that Mr. Delgado and his wife were found dead in their home,” the statement said. “The sheriff’s office in Placer County is investigated with the FBI’s help, and we’re working together on the investigation.”

Victim Mother’s Statement

The terrible discovery came after Tamara Delgado’s mother called MPs to request a social check, sheriff spokeswoman Angela Musallam told the post.

What exactly led to the shootings – as well as a possible motive – is still under investigation, said Musallam.

“It’s still fresh,” said Musallam, adding that she didn’t know if MPs had ever been called to the couple’s house. “We let the detectives get in touch with everyone to find out what happened.”

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