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Tom Haye

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A police chief Tom Haye was fired for using the term “pikeys” in a WhatsApp message to a colleague.

Chief Special Officer Tom Haye was taken to a misconduct hearing

Chief Special Officer Tom Haye was taken to a misconduct hearing and dismissed for serious misconduct after using the term derogatory to members of the Irish Roma community and travelers.

The senior Hampshire Gendarmerie officer with 30 years of experience – who denied this was serious misconduct – had a conversation with a colleague who was cleaning for him and when he said it prevented pike from entering.

The Hampshire Constabulary fired five officers last month after a whistleblower revealed details of the racist, sexist and homophobic language that plagued one of its units.

longest-serving special officer

Mr. Haye, who was the longest-serving special officer in the force and was responsible for more than 100 specials, is a Dutch national and claims that “Pikeys” is like a harmless word in his mother tongue.

After the hearing, his supervisor, Police Chief Olivia Pinkney, fired him and put him on the police blacklist. However, Mr. Haye plans to appeal the “disproportionate” dismissal.

The employee who was at home for him was asked about the agent’s house on WhatsApp.

In a message, the officer said “of course not – this is your new home in the south lol” and was followed by a message saying “keep pike out”.

Mr. Haye, who works in IT, said, “I apologize for any crime committed by this term. This was only said once during a private WhatsApp conversation with a friend.

“I am a bilingual Dutch citizen and have hastily used the term as a direct substitute for the Dutch word for theft – ‘pikken’ – without considering its derogatory meaning in English. I disparagingly refute what I meant.

“At the time there had been break-ins near my house.

“My boyfriend was in the house while I was away to deter thieves and that was the context of the conversation.

I am going to appeal this decision which I believe is completely disproportionate to what I have done, particularly in relation to other much more serious crimes in Hampshire where the police have not been released.

“I also have serious reservations about the way this matter has been handled by the Hampshire Constabulary, as it has taken nearly two years to reach a conclusion.

“ My legal team and I also agreed that it was inappropriate for the Chief Constable to lead the hearing after she was recently involved in these more serious crimes. However, this objection was rejected.

“I’ve had an exemplary record as a Senior Special Constable for 30 years and have volunteered thousands of hours protecting the Hampshire communities.

“ Finally, I take comfort in knowing that my friends and family know that I am not prejudiced against anyone. ”

A statement from the Hampshire Constabulary said: “ On May 8, 2018, CSO Haye used a derogatory term for members of the Roma Gypsy and Irish Traveler Community (GRT) during a WhatsApp conversation.

“It has been alleged that this is a violation of professional standards of conduct for equality and diversity. Authority, courtesy, respect and discriminatory behavior which, if proven, would constitute serious misconduct.

During Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney’s special hearing, the breach of authority, respect and compassion was allowed and therefore the other violations were ruled out.

CSO has been shown to violate the standard of authority, respect, and courtesy and to commit serious misconduct. CSO Haye was fired and put on the blacklist without warning.