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Tommy Piluyev

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Tommy Piluyev, Californian sues Starbucks for severe burns to his body, including genitals, when the lid came off his hot tea while he was driving – reportedly making sexual intimacy “painful and uncomfortable “.

Tommy Piluyev drove his BMW to Starbucks

Tommy Piluyev drove his BMW to Starbucks in Roseville with his family on October 5, 2018, when he was 22, and ordered two excellent honey and mint teas, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“When the window clerk reached the window sill of the SUV to deliver the mug with the second pouch and lid to Mr. Piluyev, the lid lost its seal with the lip of the mug and peeled off. off the top of the mug, ”says the Sacramento Federal Lawsuit subject.

“During the transfer, hot tea was spilled on Mr. Piluyev’s left hand, the cup on the windowsill was spilled, and hot tea was poured over Mr. Piluyev’s hands, stomach and pelvic area. . Piluyev, “the costume continues.

“Covered in boiling tea and unable to open his door to escape because he was near the passage window, Mr. Piluyev quickly started the car and accelerated out the window. He turned to an adjacent parking lot and quickly exited the vehicle, removing his sweatpants. ”

When he arrived at the hospital, Piluyev suffered “burns, some of them thick and swollen, on his left lower abdomen, thighs, penis, scrotum, peritoneum and buttocks,” the costume says.

He can also no longer play the piano because, according to him, he suffered burns to nine fingers.

Piluyev spent 11 days in the burns department

Piluyev spent 11 days in the burns department at UC Davis Medical Center, where “according to the complaint, he needed intravenous pain control and intensive and invasive wound care.”

“Mr. Piluyev could not use his hands or fingers for any reason, including personal care. He became completely dependent on medical personnel,” he continues.

On his release, Mr. Piluyev’s wife treated the wound and personally treated her husband. Mr. Piluyev switched from intravenous narcotics to gabapentin, oxycodone, tylenol and ibuprofen. Over the five months following the release, Mr. Piluyev gradually regained the ability to walk, feel the touch in some of his fingers, hold his small child and finally use a computer keyboard, ”the costume explains.

“Mr. Piluyev still couldn’t play the piano,” he adds. “The tenderness and permanent discoloration and disfigurement of Mr. Piluyev’s genitals and inner thighs made the eventual intimacy uncomfortable and painful.”

Piluyev and his wife Liudmila Maftey are also suing Pactiv Packaging Inc., which according to the lawsuit supplied the cups and lids, for alleged negligence and product liability.

The couple’s attorney, Whitney Davis, alleges that the defendants were aware of 80 complaints a day about lids coming out of cups and that they were “aware of additional complaints and incidents of burns from employees, managers and employees regarding faulty cups and lids. eu “.

“The nerves regained and healed and he learned to walk again. Because it took you a while to learn to walk all over your body with these extensive injuries, ”Davis told CBS Sacramento.

According to the lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, tea is served at temperatures between 190 and 205 degrees.

Piluyev’s lawyer said he was looking for people with similar experiences in an attempt to get the government to stop drinks served above 150 degrees.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said the Seattle-based coffee giant was reviewing the lawsuit.

“Our partners take great pride in ensuring that our beverages are carefully prepared and safely delivered to customers,” said the Sacramento Bee representative. “And we take our responsibility for a safe environment seriously and will continue to do so.”

Pactiv did not respond to a request for comment from a news agency.