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Tony Boyd Carmichael

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A Queensland man Tony Boyd Carmichael was found not guilty of murdering a man who was last seen over 20 years ago.

Tony Boyd Carmichael accused of killing Gregory Armstrong

Tony Boyd Carmichael was accused of killing Gregory Armstrong by deliberately shooting him in the head in May 1997.

Judge Peter Applegarth found Carmichael not guilty

Judge Peter Applegarth found Carmichael not guilty of murder on Wednesday after a four-day trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Mr. Armstrong was last seen alive in Maryborough around his birthday on May 7, 1997, and reported missing about two weeks later.

When he left home, he was in drug debt with no personal items including his wallet.

The lawsuit revealed that Carmichael was involved in the drug scene in Maryborough – where he and Mr. Armstrong lived in 1997.

“At the time, he (Carmichael) had a reputation for being physically abusive and sometimes attacking people who owed money to others,” Justice Applegarth said in his published reasons.

Manslaughter for killing

Carmichael had previously been convicted of manslaughter for killing a man in northern Queensland in September 1997.

Judge Applegarth said he had “serious reservations” about the credibility and reliability of the testimony of a woman who alleged Carmichael confessed.

“I am not convinced that such a confession was made,” he said.

Judge Applegarth concluded that Mr. Armstrong likely died of an artificial death.

“The possibilities of breakdowns related to drugs or other activities or the death of a person involved in the world of drugs are numerous,” he added.


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