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Tracey Crouch

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Former minister Tracey Crouch is working from home after being diagnosed with illness in June

However, She was unable to zoom in to participate in a debate about his own illness as the government will not allow virtual trials.

He called on Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg to “urgently reconsider” his ban.

The 45-year-old MP was furious: “You will know that today there is a debate in Westminster Hall on breast cancer that some of us have had real and current experiences of breast cancer because of your decision. The disease cannot participate. .

“While respecting Mr. Rees-Mogg’s commitment to the traditional parliamentary process, I’m sure he was on the bench and not the good example of health and fitness that he clearly is. strongly argues that members can contribute more frequently to modern technological processes ”

Other angry MPs intervened behind Ms. Crouch and attacked the draconian rules.

Labor MP Chris Bryant was furious: “It’s shocking that Tracey Crouch has been excluded from a breast cancer debate because she’s recovering from cancer.”

Labor MP Lilian Greenwood called the rules “total shame”.

MPs who need to stay at home during Covid closing can clarify questions in the main house and in select committees.

And you can have another politician vote in your name.

However, due to the strict rules, they are not allowed to participate in parliamentary debates on issues.

Commons chairman Rees-Mogg was firm, insisting it was too difficult to allow politicians to tackle the debates.

He said: “We have to find a balance between the needs of parliamentarians and the needs of the entire House to continue its business.

“And in the debates we must have the responsibility of the ministers as to what is the purpose of the debates and speeches which are more a debate than a series of statements.

“So the point is to find the right balance in these difficult times between ensuring that Parliament can fully serve its constituents and ensuring that MEPs can do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.”