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Who is Travis McMichael ( Father and son accused of killing Arbery in February ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Travis McMichael

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Ahmaud Arbery’s mother told the court that Travis McMichael, 34, and Gregory McMichael, 64, should remain behind bars until their trial because their son is not returning home, according to Brunswick News.

Friends praised the white father and son, accused of chasing and killing a black jogger on the Georgian coast, as happy, cheerful men who treated everyone the same. However, prosecutors presented texts and messages on social media during a hearing Thursday which denied the good reputation of these friends.

Supreme Court Justice Timothy Walmsley has yet to render a ruling. Bond negotiations will continue on Friday morning.

Wanda Jones Cooper, Arbery’s mother

Wanda Jones Cooper, Arbery’s mother, became the prosecutor’s first witness Thursday after five of the McMichaels’ friends spoke out.

“No matter how fast he was running or how fast he was turning, these men refused to let him go home,” Jones said. “You shouldn’t be going home now. These men are just as dangerous today as they were on February 23. ”

Arbery, 25, was jogging in Brunswick’s Satilla Shores McMichaels neighborhood on February 23 when father and son thought he looked suspicious, CrimeOnline previously reported. They jumped into their truck to follow him and called a neighbor, William Bryan Jr., 50, who got into his own truck to help him. Bryan, who filmed the murder, claimed he was only a witness, but authorities say he used his truck to lock up and arrest Arbery in the minutes leading up to the shooting.

Bryan’s video showed the McMichaels chasing Arbery around the neighborhood in their truck for a few minutes before blocking him. Bryan blocked Arbery from behind with his truck as the McMichaels turned and stopped in front of the victim. Travis McMichael then got out of his truck with a shotgun. An argument broke out when Arbery tried to bypass the truck and Travis McMichael shot Arbery three times, who was unarmed and dressed for the job.

Arbery’s family lobbied for the McMichaels to reload, but nothing happened until Bryan’s video went viral in May. The McMichaels were arrested two days later and Bryan was taken into custody shortly after the three were charged with multiple charges, including malicious murder, aggravated assault and wrongful imprisonment.

Travis McMichael’s childhood friend Zackary Langford testified about his friend’s character on Thursday, according to the news. With all the witnesses who supported the father-son bond, he said he had never seen or heard anything from his friend that would lead him to believe he was a racist. But prosector Jesse Evans showed Langford a text message McMichael sent him on November 28, 2019 about “shooting a crack-headed raccoon with golden teeth.” Langford replied by text: “He needed some Newports (cigarettes).”

Langford initially said he didn’t remember the exchange, but then said he did. “We were talking about a raccoon,” he said.

Evans also showed him a social media message Langford sent to McMichael, who replied, “Ha ha ha. Sayonara, you have weird eyes f # @ $.” Langford said he couldn’t remember of this message.

Friends of the McMichaels have all said they are ready to provide guarantees for their friends’ ties, believing the men to be honorable and will return to court. But Arbery’s mother said that wasn’t the point.

“These men are proud of what they have done,” Jones told the judge, The Associated Press reported. “They want to go home because in their selfish thoughts, they think they are the right ones.”

McMichaels attorney Robert Rubin told the judge he had “substantial evidence” that Arbery was at Satilla Shores that day “for shameful reasons” but did not explain what it would have been like. could be. Gregory McMichael told investigators he followed Arbe

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