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Trent Lee

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An Australian chemical weapons expert who was tragically killed in a bomb blast in the Solomon Islands has been described by heartbroken friends as a “modern MacGyver” who risked his life to save others.

Australians Trent Lee, 40, and Briton Luke Atkinson, 57, were killed when an explosion hit a residential street in Honiara, the country’s capital, between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Sunday.

Trent Lee worked as a pump specialist for the non-governmental organization Norwegian People’s Aid

The organization employed personnel to remove the defeated explosives that had spread across the Solomon Islands during World War II.

Tony Bartlett Argue

A close friend of the 40-year-old, Tony Bartlett, said he and his wife are now getting tattoos as a reminder of their selfless partner. “He must be one of the smartest people in the world,” Bartlett told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“This guy built his cell phone tower, his generator. It is amazing what you can do for your community there. He was a modern MacGyver, there’s nothing this man can’t do. ‘

Bartlett said his friend even legally changed his middle name to “danger” when he got his driver’s license in the Solomon Islands.

He said Trent Lee removed up to 90 explosives in the weeks leading up to his death.

“It would have saved thousands of lives. It was Trent, ”Bartlett said.

Originally from Newcastle, Mr. Lee moved to the islands with his wife Kathryn 18 months ago to build an eco-lodge.

While there, he also worked as the chief chemist of a gold mine, teaching local people how to build water supply systems.

Biking champion

In his youth, Trent Lee was a mountain biking champion and his cave diving skills earned him a spot on an Australian dollar token in 2017.

On the night of the blast, residents rushed to the scene to see the two seriously injured men.

Just a month before the fatal explosion, Lee took to Facebook to talk about how dangerous his job was.

The bomb blast Sunday night could be heard up to three miles away. Local police sealed off the blast area and opened an investigation. A police statement said officers from the explosives disposal team and the forensic department were on the scene.

The two men carried out a non-technical investigation into the contamination of unexploded ordnance in the Solomon Islands, according to the police statement.

Inspector Clifford Tunuki said police spent the night cleaning up the blast site. “Explosives ordinance disposal officers must secure the site before forensic scientists and other investigators enter the site to find out what happened,” Inspector Tunuki told the media.

NPA Deputy Secretary General Per Nergaard confirmed in a statement that Lee and Atkinson were killed in the blast. It is a tragic accident. So far we know that there has been an explosion with fatal consequences, “he said.

Henriette Killi Westhrin, general secretary of the NPA, said the organization was devastated by the loss of two good colleagues. “Our thoughts and condolences to their families, relatives and co-workers.”


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