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Who is Trish Doyle ( Labor MP accuses NSW Government MP of raping female s*x worker ) Wiki, Bio, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Trish Doyle

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A  NSW Labor MP in New South Wales has accused a Berezhikl government legislature of raping a prostitute in the Blue Mountains.

Trish Doyle told Parliament on Wednesday that she had been contacted by a woman 18 months ago about an alleged incident with a New South Wales MP.

Doyle said the prostitute contacted a male client who was looking for “oral s*x only” through the Locanto adult website.

“She tells me that she made it clear that she wasn’t ready to have penetrating s*x with him, but towards the end the man came up behind her and attacked her in a way she didn’t disagree,” Doyle told Parliament . Wednesday.

“He told me in his email that after the attack started, he just wanted it to stop,” he added.

“It was an attack and it was against his express instructions, he disagreed, it was an injury.”

Doyle told NSW Parliament that the woman was “hurt and angry that this powerful man felt empowered to attack her”.

“She is still concerned that this powerful man will retaliate against her for reporting this violation,” said Doyle.

“This fear, pain and anger should not be inflicted on a woman, but it is worse that this man who raped her is a member of the government of this chamber,” he added.

Doyle said the prostitute was initially unwilling to go to the police but has now reported the matter.