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Who is Tristan Ray Stanton ( Man sentenced more than 275 years in prison for child s*x crimes ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Arrest, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Tristan Ray Stanton

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Man convicted of dozens of s*xual crimes was sentenced more than 275 years in prison,

Tristan Ray Stanton, 34, of Roseburg, was severely convicted Tuesday by a Douglas County judge after being convicted of 29 s*x crimes involving four victims between 2014 and last year, The News-Review in Roseburg .

“I am working very hard to find a place where I can incorporate the urge into my sentence, but in this case there is absolutely nothing that seems redeeming,” Judge Ann Marie Simmons told Stanton at the time of her sentencing.

“There’s nothing I can tell you or tell you that can improve anything,” she added. “Nothing good came of it.”

Earlier in the hearing, Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg told the judge, “We respectfully ask you to honor these girls.”

“They will never be the same again,” the prosecutor said, adding that he was unable to adequately describe the victim’s abuse.

The judge then handed down 10 consecutive 25-year prison sentences for seven cases of first-degree sodomy and three cases of first-degree illicit sexual penetration, according to the newspaper.

Stanton has also received separate sentences of 75, 45 and 36 months for other charges, including first-degree s*xual assault, which are also served sequentially, Simmons said.

The total sentences amount to 3,306 months or 275 and a half years in prison, Wesenberg told the “unprecedented” newspaper, the report said.

Stanton’s attorney had asked for a simultaneous 25-year sentence for all charges.

A woman informed Roseburg police in January 2020 that her daughter had inappropriate sexual contact with a man in a home, which led to Stanton’s investigation.

Later, two other girls accused him of s*xually abusing her and a fourth girl said she was also a victim, according to the newspaper.

Wesenberg said he believes Stanton also attacked two other girls.

“Why I’m here, I can’t tell you how many other children he has!” The prosecutor yelled in court and pointed to Stanton. “None of these girls could talk to you today, but they were very brave to speak in front of this jury.”

The defendant did not speak to the judge before the sentence.