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In UK COVID-19 case have increased by 4,044, and 13 more dead have been recorded, Wiki, Bio, COVID-19, Information and More Facts


COVID-19 cases in the UK have increased by 4,044 today as another 13 deaths have been recorded

The number of infections decreased for the first time in two weeks. This brings the total number of positive COVID-19 test results in the UK to 439,013 with a total of 42,001 deaths.

The increase in cases of COVID-19 is lower today than last Monday when 4,368 infections were recorded.

This is also lower than yesterday’s increase (5,693).

Although the number is slightly lower than in recent days, authorities remain concerned about the growing number of people testing positive.

Infection Reported In Wales

In Wales, 286 infections have been reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 23,231.

Scotland recorded a further 222 infections today, meaning 27,798 Scots also contracted the virus.

The increase in deaths today is slightly higher than last week in the UK, which recorded 11 deaths.

A further 10 deaths have been confirmed in England today, bringing the total number of deaths in British hospitals to 29,918.

Patients who died

Patients who died between September 24 and 27 were between the ages of 60 and 97 and all had underlying health problems.

No new deaths have been reported in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, so the corresponding numbers are 1612, 2512 and 578.

It comes as ministers prepare contingency plans to enforce full social lockdown in parts of northern Britain for two weeks and London could follow suit, it was reported.

Government SOP’S

All pubs and restaurants may be closed for two weeks and various families may be banned from socializing indoors under the contingency plan.

The social lockdown was an option presented to the cabinet’s strategic committee ahead of last week’s new restrictions, which included a 10pm curfew in bars and restaurants.

The Times reports that the government has decided not to implement the plan fearing the public would not be prepared for such drastic restrictions.

A high-profile source at number 10 said: “The nation and the party were not ready to move forward last week.

“The size of the second wave was not fully understood.

“Contrary to the first detention, no one saw pictures of body bags in Spain or France on television, which had a very strong effect. You have to take people with you.

“However, stricter social interaction measures need to be taken. In some parts they are unavoidable if you look at the numbers. “”

Critics said the current 10pm curfew “does more harm than good,” as drunks with a marching band were filmed celebrating after harsh new measures caused thousands. People leave the bars at the same time.

Dr Flavio Toxvaerd criticized

Dr Flavio Toxvaerd, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Cambridge, criticized the consequences of the new rule as “completely predictable” and said pubs should be open longer, with staggered departure times.

On Twitter he wrote: “Create a bottleneck and people will pour … you may have learned that from other countries.”

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said the drinking deadline is pushing crowds into supermarkets and he has no more licenses to drink more alcohol on the street.

Burnham has asked for a curfew at 9pm. Buy alcohol to stop house parties and say, “If there was a 9:00 pm curfew on the sale of alcohol in supermarkets and shops, it would prevent it.” hurry to go to the shops as soon as the pubs close. “