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United States

On Saturday, December 2, the United States began closing local prisons and state prison systems and moving their inmates to another location due to the high rate of coronavirus infection and prison deaths.

There have been more than 480,000 confirmed coronavirus infections and at least 2,100 deaths among inmates and guards in prisons, prisons and detention centers across the country.

The New York Times reported that officials have resorted to the move as a drastic strategy to keep the virus at bay, as many guards have contracted the virus and are unable to work.

From California to Missouri to Pennsylvania, state and local officials say so many guards have contracted the virus and are unable to work.

Community Safety

“Therefore, the sudden closure of some prisons is the only way to ensure the safety of the community and the prisoners,” the Times report said.

The paper cites experts who say the impact is easy to predict as prisons and prisons that remain open risk being overcrowded.

They will also be antigenic and infested with disease, and transmissions will likely help the virus multiply inside and outside the walls.

“At the start of the pandemic, some states attempted to avoid virus outbreaks by quickly releasing some criminals and holding fewer people awaiting trial to reduce their population.

“However, these efforts have met with frequent opposition from politicians and the general public,” the report said.

More recently, as arrests escalate in many areas, the prison population has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

This is based on data collected by the Vera Institute of Justice, a non-profit political and research group based in New York.

“This, combined with widespread infections among law enforcement, long-term staff shortages and pressure on prison medical facilities, has pushed states to the top.

Indeed, the pandemic is creating more concentration and overcrowding than less, in part due to the closure of energized facilities, according to the Times report.

US COVID-19 Cases

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States surpassed 20 million on Friday, January 1, as the discovery of a highly contagious new strain of the virus in the country prompted an acceleration of the vaccination process.