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Who is Valerie Cincinelli ( NYPD cop charged in murder of her ex-husband ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Valerie Cincinelli

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NYPD police accused

Valerie Cincinelli, NYPD police accused of paying her boyfriend to kill her ex-husband, has reached a deal with federal prosecutors, it was announced on Friday.

“Once the government understood the discussions with the defense attorneys, we agreed to an appeal on the matter,” US Deputy Attorney Catherine Mirabile said in a hearing in Central Islip federal court on the agreement reached with the suspended official.

Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Cincinelli is accused of two murders and a disability. You can expect a maximum of 10 years in prison in the highest position.

Defense attorney James Kousouros said Cincinelli, imprisoned at the Metropolitan Detention Center, signed the appeal agreement. Due to the COVID-19 restriction, Kousouros was unable to meet his client in person.

Cincinelli is expected to plead guilty in court at 9 am on February 12th.

She is accused of paying her boyfriend John DiRubba $ 7,000 to hire a killer in 2019 to kill her ex-husband Isaiah Carvalho Jr. and DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter.

After DiRubba was arrested for another crime, she confessed to the bizarre contract murder plan and began working as a confidential source for the FBI. You used a thread to capture Cincinelli’s damn confessions.

She told authorities that her police friend of hers wanted her husband to die in a bitter battle over divorce and custody of her child. Cincinelli also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

A source told the Post that Cincinelli wanted DiRubba’s daughter to be fired for “thwarting” her twisted plan.

Cincinelli joined the NYPD in 2007.