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Richmond, Virginia ‘Karen’ Uses Racial Slurs Over George Floyd Hologram, Wiki, Bio, Incident Details, Viral Video, Twitter and More Facts

Virginia Karen

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Virginia Karen, a white woman used racist insults when she was shocked to see a George Floyd hologram dropped on a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Virginia. You can watch the video below, but note that the language it contains is very distracting as the woman uses the word n ​​in the video.

The woman is the latest example of a so-called Karen: a middle-aged white woman who in some cases shows racist behavior.

A video posted on Twitter said

A video posted on Twitter said, “Racist women go mad when they see the image of George Floyd projected onto the Robert E Lee statue in Virginia. “You’re a damned fool,” said the woman, slapping the man who recorded the video. “Look at that.”

According to Indy100, the unidentified woman got angry when she saw “a 3D hologram by George Floyd projected onto a statue of Robert E. Lee”. The site says the video was taken in Richmond, Virginia on July 28.

According to Fox5, the video was filmed by Mikhail Smith and shows people trying to get the conflicted woman out of the area.

“It is public property. This is my city, ”the woman calls in the video. “You’re racist. Go away,” said one person. At that point the woman was using racial insults.

The hologram is part of a project called “A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project,” the television broadcaster added, adding that the hologram should be projected onto five different Confederate statues and that it was “a 3D image of Floyd on fireflies.” and his name in graffiti.

George Floyd is of course the black man who died in custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The viral video, in which a police officer presses his knee against Floyd’s neck, has sparked unrest in the United States.

According to CNN

According to CNN, the hologram project was created by and the George Floyd Foundation.

“Since the death of my brother George, his face has been seen around the world,” said Rodney Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, in a statement to CNN. “By partnering with, my brother’s face can be seen through the hologram as a symbol of change where change is most needed.”

Many other Karens videos have been on the news lately. Some include allegations of racism. A woman named Torrance Karen has been charged with making racist statements in a public park. Some of Karen’s videos involve controversy about the masks. A woman named Skechers Karen threw shoe boxes in Oklahoma City.

Permit Karen

A woman named Permit Karen called her neighbors’ police in New Jersey. A “Karen” from Dallas, Texas, threw food into a car when asked to wear a mask in a grocery store.

Karen, a dealer of Joe, refused to wear a mask and started a tirade. Woman was upset at a Starbucks in California when asked to wear a mask. A woman sat in a Costco store in Oregon after refusing to wear a mask.

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