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Virginia Roberts Giuffre & Alan Dershowitz both lose in new court ruling, Wiki, Bio, Details and Facts

Virginia Roberts Giuffre

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Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “s*x slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre were ordered on Wednesday to destroy the evidence in his case against Ghislaine Maxwell – because attorney Alan Dershowitz was also denied access to potentially explosive information.

Manhattan federal court judge Loretta Preska said

Manhattan federal court judge Loretta Preska said she was “concerned” to learn during the oral discussion last week that Giuffre’s lawyers at Cooper & Kirk had received sealed records of her trial. for a long time it was established against Maxwell, who, according to Giuffre, recruited her. fucking Epstein and his friends when she was a minor.

The other men are said to be Dershowitz, whom Giuffre is suing for defamation for her public denials of her accusations, in particular, calling her “a complete and certified liar” and that she is suing Giuffre for “serious damage to her reputation”, your business and your health. .

“In practice, the Court would be surprised – even shocked – if Cooper & Kirk did not in any way use Maxwell’s discovery in his representation of Mrs Giuffre in his action against Mr Dershowitz,” wrote the judge. .

Preska also dismissed the claims of Giuffre’s lawyers that they were entitled to the evidence obtained from their former Boies Schiller Flexner lawyers because they were hired to represent her in the Maxwell case.

13-page decision

The 13-page decision said that Cooper & Kirk “, as far as the Court knows, actively worked on the case”.

Preska ordered Cooper & Kirk to advise to destroy the evidence, as well as “all material, including the product of work, derived from” and to send a statement thereafter.

Preska also denied Dershowitz’s request

Preska also denied Dershowitz’s request for access to “all discovery documents and materials, including third party discoveries” in the Maxwell case, saying “this is not a targeted attack that Dershowitz proposes., But a bomb attack”.

Although the two cases are linked, she said, “they are not coextensive” because Giuffre’s trial against the famous Harvard law professor “involves a much narrower range of behavior than what was going on. against Mrs. Maxwell ”.

“Therefore, the Court is skeptical that the judicial economy would be served by handing Dershowitz a mountain of findings from a separate case that may not even be relevant to his defense or his claims against Giuffre,” writes Preska.

In a footnote, the judge also said that while she did not think Dershowitz would be “sassy” enough to disclose the evidence, she feared that he would be tempted to “be more careless with sealed materials”. “to help defend your reputation.

“In general, Dershowitz’s battle with Giuffre has been very public – and often toxic,” said Preska.

Neither party returned a request for comment.