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Who is Viviane Obenauf ( Female boxer is charged on suspicion of death her husband ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Viviane Obenauf

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  • Professional boxer Viviane Obenauf accused of killing her Swiss husband
  • She was allegedly beaten to death on October 19 at her restaurant in the Alps
  • She was arrested this week and is currently in pretrial detention.

A Brazilian professional boxer, a three-time World Cup contender, was arrested on suspicion of killing her wealthy Swiss hotelier.

Viviane Obenauf Age

Viviane Obenauf, 34, of Brazil, is accused of beating her husband Thomas, 61, to death on October 19 at their Des Alpes restaurant in Interlaken, Switzerland.

She was arrested this week and is currently in pre-trial detention after the victim died of a “continuing violent attack.”

The couple did not get married until January and investigators are now looking into allegations that she was responsible for his death.

People who knew her said that she was not afraid to face women or men outside the ring when she lost her temper.

According to an article in the Swiss newspaper Blick, she was arrested in London when a man from a nightclub tried to sniff her butt while she was celebrating her 30th birthday and slapped her.

This incident means that he spent several hours in a prison cell in October 2016.

Obenauf was born in Rio de Janeiro and played soccer in her youth. She was an Olympic gymnast before turning to boxing at age 18.

After retiring from sports, she started working in the restaurant business in Switzerland and later opened her own gym.

On her home page, she says that she has a son named Calvin and that spending time with her is the best thing she enjoys in a day.

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