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Walter Wallace Jr

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Walter Wallace Jr, a number of police have been hospitalized after a violent clash with protesters in Philadelphia after police shot dead a black man.

Number of police officers were hospitalized

A number of police officers were hospitalized after a violent clash with protesters in Philadelphia.

A 56-year-old sergeant was hit by a truck and broke his leg.

Tensions in the city reached their boiling point after the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old black man on Monday.

Walter Wallace Jr.

Walter Wallace Jr. waved a knife when he was shot, police said.

Later, residents protesting against police violence gathered in front of the local police station, smashed windows and sprayed the walls of the building.

There are now reports that “at least 12” officers were hospitalized with various injuries, including the sergeant who was struck by the black van.

Images of the incident have been released online and show a man standing near the roof of the vehicle.

“Oh my God. He hit a cop.”

You hear a witness say, “Oh my God. He hit a cop.”

Video of Monday’s fatal shooting shows Mr. Wallace driving a car down the street to meet two police officers who point their guns at him.

Several gunshots can be heard before Mr. Wallace is on the ground. He was shot in the shoulder and chest and taken to hospital, where he died.

The AP quoted police spokeswoman Tanya Little as saying officers ordered Mr. Wallace to drop the knife, but instead approached her.

She said one of the police “picked up” the knife after the shooting.

Witness Maurice Holoway

Witness Maurice Holoway told CBS Philly that he and several others attempted to knock the knife off Mr. Wallace, but was unsuccessful.

He said if the police felt she should shoot the man, they should have hit him in the leg “or not shoot him at all”.
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the shooting “raised difficult questions that needed to be answered.”

An investigation into the incident has started.

It is the latest fatal shooting of a black American by police and has sparked violent protests in recent months.

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