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Who is Wesley Allen Beeler ( US Capitol Police arrest a Virginia man with fake inaugural credentials ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Wesley Allen Beeler

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According to a report, a Virginia man Wesley Allen Beeler was arrested for allegedly attempting to go through a Washington DC checkpoint armed with a gun, 500 rounds and a fake ID card.

Wesley Allen Beeler Arrested

Wesley Allen Beeler of Front Royal, Va., Was arrested Friday night as he attempted to go through downtown DC security checkpoints that were put in place before Joe Biden’s inauguration, reported CNN.

The outlet cited a police and law enforcement agency report that Beeler drove his van to a checkpoint at the North Capitol and on E Street NE near the Capitol shortly after 6:30 p.m.

He attempted to bypass the police officers by showing the fraudulent initiation documents, but was arrested by officers.

Police later found the weapon and ammunition in his vehicle.

The tight appeal comes just a week after the Capitol was the site of a violent siege that killed five people.

After the attack, unprecedented levels of protection were put in place around the Capitol to prevent a possible invasion on inauguration day.

Beeler reportedly arrived at the checkpoint north of the Capitol building on Friday evening and showed police his fake initiation cards to enter the area.

Officials asked the suspect if he had any guns, which he admitted carrying a Glock semi-automatic pistol in the armrest of his truck, the source told CNN.

Police then discovered the pistol and discovered it was loaded with 17 rounds and a round chamber ready to fire, the source said.

Police report from the outlet said officers found the pistol, 509 rounds, shotgun shells and a pistol magazine.

It is not known what Beeler was doing once inside the secure area.

Beeler was arrested for several offenses, including possession of an unregistered firearm and possession of unregistered ammunition.

The latest attempt to breach the Capitol was over concerns about “major security threats” during Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Washington DC was cordoned off and several blocks around the Capitol were cordoned off to prevent chaos from happening again on January 6 when Trump supporters stormed the seat of American democracy.

A Baghdad-style “green zone” has been created and over 20,000 armed National Guard soldiers have been mobilized.

The Secret Service has released its Restricted Access Plan, which includes what the agency calls the “green zone” in the heart of DC.

It is the same name given to the heavily fortified area of ​​Baghdad during the Iraq war.

Most of downtown DC is now closed to traffic and has already drawn comparisons to the Baghdad High Security Zone.

Thousands of armed servicemen patrol the streets and steel fences and roadblocks continue to be installed to prevent the ascent after last week’s deadly siege.

The security detail is unlike anything seen on the approach of a pre-and post-break-in opening on the Capitol on January 6 – the first time since the British invasion in 1814.

A violent mob stormed the Capitol, broke through police barricades, and smashed windows to enter the building where the Senate and House certified the Electoral College.

Lawmakers went into hiding for hours as Capitol Police struggled to regain control as the Senate and the house crowd vomited, raided Nancy Pelosi’s office, and looted items that may contain secrets from the House. ‘State.

Five people were killed in the violent uprising, including a policeman who was hit on the head by a rioter with a fire extinguisher.

Law enforcement officers across the country have worked to locate and arrest suspects who have committed federal crimes and, so far, have brought nearly 100 cases to federal court and the District Supreme Court of Columbia.

Donald Trump was indicted for the second time this week after House lawmakers voted to “incite insurgency”.