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Alabama lawmaker Will Dismukes urged to resign, Wiki, Bio, Resign reason, Response, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Will Dismukes

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An Alabama lawmaker Will Dismukes is being called on to resign for saying he “had fun” in honor of a Confederate Army general and former leader of the Ku Kluk Klan over the weekend.

Rep. Will Dismukes, R-Prattvile, said on Facebook

In a post since deleted, Rep. Will Dismukes, R-Prattvile, said on Facebook on Sunday that he liked to speak at an event in Fort Dixie in Selma, where he invoked Nathan Bedford Forrest’s annual birthday celebration.

“Always a good time and, of course, very good to eat !!” Dismukes wrote.

President of the Alabama Democratic Party

The message was quickly denounced by the president of the Alabama Democratic Party, who called it “utterly insensitive”, reports Montgomery Advertiser.

“It shouldn’t be the state of Alabama in 2020, where one of our elected officials in Alabama is celebrating someone like that,” said Representative Christopher England, D-Tuscaloosa.

State Democrats also noted that Dismukes spent the weekend honoring Forrest, rather than the late Representative John Lewis, a “giant” in the civil rights movement.

“Both events took place in Selma, but in reality there are no two sides,” tweeted party officials on Sunday night.

Before the Civil War, Forrest sold men, women and children before leading Confederate troops in the massacre of 300 black soldiers at the Battle of Fort Pillow, Tennessee, in April 1864. Forrest later joined the KKK and became his first count most prominent, Montgomery Advertiser Reports.

Representative Danny Garrett, R-Trussville, said on Twitter

Representative Danny Garrett, R-Trussville, said on Twitter on Sunday that he did not understand why someone “celebrates the birthday of the first wizard of the KKK Grand in 2020”. Garrett later said that Dismukes’ remarks did not represent those of Republican lawmakers in the state legislature, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

“Where it goes from here, I have no idea,” Garrett told the newspaper.

The Alabama Democratic Party also asked Dismukes to resign in late June after serving as chaplain to the Prattville Dragoons, a chapter of the Sons of the Confederation, the newspaper reports.

Dismukes, meanwhile, said in a long Facebook post on Monday that his previous post was “unrelated to disrespect” by Lewis, who died earlier this month from pancreatic cancer in his 80s. Lewis’ body will be in the state on Monday and Tuesday. at the United States Capitol roundabout.

“It wasn’t even a thought in my mind,” wrote Dismukes. “It’s not who I am as a person.”

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