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William Moss

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William Moss charged with shooting 27-year-old New York police officer Connor Boalick in the back

A 20-year-old man in New York City who allegedly shot a police officer twice in the back with a pink handgun on Christmas Eve and failed to pierce his bulletproof vest, told reporters he was sorry for the Friday.

William Moss is accused of shooting 27-year-old New York Police Officer Connor Boalick in the back while he was receiving a statement from Moss’s girlfriend. His mother called 911 after allegedly threatening to harm the family, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday night.

“Luckily, the vest he was wearing protected him and his associates protected him,” de Blasio said, condemning the suspect’s alleged violence at Christmas.

When the New York Post asked Moss on Friday if he had a message for Boalick, he responded, “I’m sorry, officer. I wish it never happened.”

Dermot Shea Said?

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea told a news conference Thursday that Boalick is fine. A bullet entered his jacket, but not the agent’s skin.

“On this Christmas Eve, I would say that tonight here at the NYPD someone is absolutely taking care, not just an officer in hand, but all the men and women who put up a gun and a shield and go there. to protect New Yorkers, “said City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea at a news conference Thursday night.” Thank God we are not here in worse circumstances.

Shea said a woman called emergency health services desperately asking authorities to respond after her daughter’s boyfriend threatened to shoot him at her home. Officials from District 77 arrived, met with applicants, and were ambushed

“If you look at the body cameras … you see incredible courage in the officers,” Shea said. “You see the girl pointing it at him and then you hear gunshots.”

Two other officers responded immediately, fired at least seven shots and detained Moss a block or two away.

“He’s in a bit of pain, but he’s in a really good mood,” Shea said of Boalick.