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Abbey Forrest

Abbey Forrest, 19, India Sohal, 28, and her daughter Ivy were asleep when fire ravaged property in Melbourne, Australia, early Wednesday morning

Emergency services had been moved to the two-story building in the Cook Point area when it caught fire at 3:40 am.

Forty firefighters fought the fire for almost an hour, which in just three minutes destroyed the house and damaged two neighboring properties.

Since then, investigators from the fire and explosives team have arrested a 46-year-old woman who killed Abbey Forrest, India Sohal and her daughter.

She has been accused of three cases of murder and arson that led to her death and police believe one of her parents knows her, 9News reports.

The family had moved into the house only three weeks after the birth of little Ivy, who would have turned three weeks on Friday.

Abbey Forrest heartbreaking sister, Emily Forrest, went to the fire scene on Friday morning to leave flowers and a toy outside the house.

He told The Age: “This should be the perfect time in your life and now this terrible tragedy has happened.

“He had the biggest and boldest personality. It was great.

“I will always keep the memories I had with her. She was my only sister.”

Emily said she was grateful to be able to meet her granddaughter before the tragic accident.

She added: “I got home early from a camping trip and snuck into the hospital and had a quick visit despite COVID, then we had a family dinner about a year ago. We met everyone week so. I have her cousin and she met our. son so it was really beautiful. “”

Emily has since launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the funeral. He describes the family as “beautiful souls” who would be greatly missed.

Detective Sergeant Mark Kennedy said the neighbors made “brave and heroic efforts” to use a ladder to save the family but were overwhelmed by the intensity of the flames.

A neighbor involved in the rescue attempt told 7News: “People were shouting: ‘Someone is here. Someone is still there.

“There was a floor to ceiling fire. I probably took two or three steps and lo and behold, I couldn’t go any further. “”

Another neighbor, awakened by his smoke detectors, said he saw a woman in the house “gasping for breath”.

Sergeant Kennedy said the cause of the fire was unclear, but he had been treated as a suspect.

He added: “He is certainly being treated as a suspect, mainly due to the intensity of the fire.

“When the firefighters arrived, they were fully involved.

“The town house was raging, especially up front and upstairs . with accidental fires that don’t normally happen.”

According to 9News, the woman accused by the police is expected to return to court in March.

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