Who is student Yaashmi Ravikumar (Mathematics student charged with death of grandmother)? Yaashmi Ravikumar Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Yaashmi Ravikumar

Yaashmi Ravikumar Short Biography Wiki

A math student Yaashmi Ravikumar was charged with the death of a “beloved” grandmother who was killed in an accident involving two cars and one bus.

Yaashmi Ravikumar Age

She is 19 years old.

Yvonne Copland died

Yvonne Copland died after the collision near Newport, Isle of Wight, and caused a serious incident on April 14, 2019.

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Yaashmi Ravikumar Teaches Children

Yaashmi Ravikumar, who also teaches children, has been charged with dangerous driving and four serious injuries from dangerous driving of death.

Yaashmi Ravikumar Student of Mathematics

The 19-year-old from Laindon, Essex, who studies mathematics at the University of London and also works as a part-time financial assistant, is due to appear before the Isle of Wight Crown Court on May 15.

Ms. Copland Driving a Red Fiat Bravo

Ms. Copland, 64, of Newport, was driving a red Fiat Bravo when the accident occurred at the intersection of Forest Road and Betty Haunt Lane.

Three other people in the car were taken to the hospital in severe condition. The bus driver, a man in his fifties, was seriously injured and 10 passengers were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

As a precaution, four people who were traveling in a silver Mini Cooper were also taken to the hospital.

The Isle of Wight’s NHS Trust has declared a “serious incident” after the accident, in which four of the injured have to be flown to hospitals on the continent.

Ms. Copland Family

Ms. Copland’s family said in a statement, “A beloved wife, mother of four, and four grandchildren loved by everyone they knew. She will be greatly missed by her whole family and friends.” ”

At least three air ambulances and 15 rescue workers were on site, and detectives investigated the cause.

At the time, bus operator Southern Vectis said he thought the double-decker had landed on the way to the Fiat shortly after an accident.

General Manager Richard Tyldsley said: “Early signs indicate that a car stopped in front of a Route 7 bus and our driver could not have avoided it. The bus had to take the path of another car.