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Who is Racine woman charged with kicking Police Officers during investigations? Yessenia Arizmendi Biography, Age, Drugs overdose, Interfering with the investigations, charges and More Facts to Know

Yessenia Arizmendi

Yessenia Arizmendi biography – Wiki

Yessenia Arizmendi a female racine  was charged with a total of five charges, including a law enforcement battery’s battery. The police said she “kicked” three different police officers during her arrest.

Yessenia Arizmendi- Age

She is 24 years old.

Yessenia Arizmendi- Drugs Overdose

According to a criminal complaint, the police responded to a fast food restaurant helm after reporting that two people may have had an overdose of drugs in a car on December 13, 2019. When the police arrived and tried sobriety tests in the field, a passenger in the car – identified as 24-year-old Yessenia Arizmendi – had glazed eyes, had blurred the language and looked “very intoxicated”.

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Yessenia Arizmendi- Interfering with the Investigations

The complaint states that Arizmendi refused to allow officials to get out of the car. Later, when the police conducted a sobriety test on site, the driver opened a car door and refused to close it – once by kicking the door so that the police could not close it. The police repeatedly told her that she was interfering with the investigation because the open door was in the area where the police were testing. When the officers finally closed the door, Arizmendi started knocking on the door window. The police then removed her from the car.

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Yessenia Arizmendi- Called the officials “pigs”

Arizmendi started cursing and called the officials “pigs” while still refusing to respond to the complaint. When she was taken out of the car, she started shouting “Don’t touch me” and started fighting and finally kicked a policeman in the thigh. The officers then sprayed pepper and handcuffed Arizmendi. With handcuffs, she started kicking again and hit a second officer in the groin and a third officer on the thigh. The three police officers had to transport them to the van, the complaint said.

Yessenia Arizmendi- Charges

Arizmendi is charged with a total of five charges: three charges against a police officer, one for the disability of an agent and one for the disability of the judiciary. She is scheduled to appear on February 19 for a preliminary hearing in court.

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