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Who was Young Kavila ( Suspect arrest in flight attendant’s murder ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Young Kavila

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Illinois police said Thursday they had arrested a suspect in the stabbing murder of a 21-year-old Young Kavila United Airlines flight attendant.

Luis Rodriguez-Mena Age

Luis Rodriguez-Mena, 46, was charged with three cases of first degree murder in 1999, stabbed to death by Young Kavila, 30, the Sun-Times reported.

Rodriguez-Mena was a neighbor of Kavila and fled to Mexico with his then pregnant girlfriend after the murder.

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Until 2007, the Des Plaines police had no motive or suspect in the brutal attack. Kavila’s roommate found her body in a pool of blood in the kitchen on November 30, 1999, the Sun-Times reported, dead from multiple stab wounds.

But in 2007 a relative of the police force said Rodriguez-Mena bragged about the murder and threatened anyone who believed he was calling the police. A year later, the friend returned to the United States and gave birth to a son – and gave the detectives permission to compare the baby’s DNA with evidence gathered at the time of the murder. It was a 99.98% match, said Plains Police Chief William Kushner.

Arrest warrants were issued for Rodriguez-Mena that year, but efforts to arrest him have repeatedly failed and have often prevented my relatives from taking him across Mexico, the cook said, according to NBC Chicago.

“There are a number of things that have happened over the years,” said Michael Heidcamp at the Des Plaines office. “There was DNA evidence related to the case. Later, after a case in Mexico, we were able to attach fingerprints to him. “”

“The big break was that members of his family worked with our investigation and told us where he is,” said Heidcamp.

Mexican police arrested Rodriguez-Mena in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in June and extradited to the United States on Tuesday. During a hearing on Thursday, he was ordered to be detained without commitment.