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How a Cricket team Player of Oman violates ICC Anti-corruption Code? Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi Wiki, Bio, Violations and time period to respond

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi Biography – Wiki

Omani player Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi has been charged with breaking cricket anti-corruption rules and has been temporarily suspended.

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi- Violations

The following four violations of the ICC anti-corruption code related to the 2019 T20 World Cup qualifiers in the United Arab Emirates have been sentenced for Al Balushi:

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi- Violation of Article 2.1.1

Participate or attempt to correct or influence the outcome, progress, behavior or any other aspect of the games in the ICC World T20 2019 qualifications in any way.

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Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi- Article 2.1.4 Violation

Attempting to promote, move, attract, convince, encourage or intentionally relieve a participant for a violation of Article 2.1.

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi-Violation of Article 2.4.4

Failure to report approaches or invitations you have received from three different people to become a party to, or efforts to schedule matches in the 2019 ICC World T20 Playoffs.

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi- Violation of Article 2.4.7

Obstructing or delaying an ACU investigation into possible corrupt behavior in accordance with the Code, including concealing or manipulating information that may be relevant and / or constitute evidence of this investigation lead to the discovery of evidence of corrupt behavior under the Code.

Yousef Abdulrahim Al Balushi- 14 days to Respond

Al Balushi has 14 days from January 23, 2020 to respond to the indictment. The ICC will not make any further comments on the charges at this time.

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