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Yvonne Farrell

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The police finally apologized to a woman who was left naked in a cold prison cell after being wrongly arrested for a peaceful protest.

Yvonne Farrell, 52, was arrested after conducting a sit-in on August 2, 2018 to prevent two men from blocking her partner’s car.

Half a dozen policemen dragged her from the roof of the vehicle before she was arrested for “violating public order.”

Police ignored her request to loosen her “tight” handcuffs before telling her to strip and leave her in the cell for three hours.

Officers provided Ms. Farrell with “warm pants and a short blouse” but she was unable to wear them as a Rastafarian woman for religious and cultural reasons.

She was then given a blanket, but she was left naked for almost three hours before she was allowed to repair herself.

She was released shortly before midnight after being illegally detained for approximately eleven hours.

Hertfordshire police last year offered the peaceful protester £ 45,000 in damages, but did not apologize.

More than two years after this “humiliating” experience, the police apologized for the mistreatment of him.

He said, “I kept saying that I had done nothing wrong. It was a civil matter and the police should only be there if you were committing a crime. I said, “Actually, you should be on my side, I am the public, I should be here to serve the people.”

They handcuffed me very hard. I felt immense pain, I asked them to release the handcuffs, but they did not listen.

I cried in pain. They didn’t tell me where they were taking me, and during the trip my shoulder strap fell off, exposing my breasts. “”

Officers said they threw Ms. Farrell into the cell after she refused to confirm her identity.

She was asked to strip because “they couldn’t judge whether [she] was in danger of hurting herself.”

Deputy Superintendent Michelle Dunn wrote to Ms. Farrell today: “After investigating the incident, I accept that she should not have been arrested.

“When she was in custody, the officers could not judge whether she was in danger of hurting herself.

As a result, they took her clothes off and gave him a safety suit to maintain her modesty and make sure that her clothes don’t hurt him.

“For religious reasons, you couldn’t wear this protective garment, so you were naked for a while. I accept that removing her clothes must have been very boring.

“I am very sorry for the injuries sustained by the Hertfordshire Police. This time we were wrong. I apologize without reservation. >>

Attorney Iain Gould said: “It was all totally unnecessary and was a great waste of public money and everyone’s time.

On behalf of Yvonne, I clarified that if she was accompanied by an apology, she would accept a monetary compensation less than the full value of the loan.

“I am obviously satisfied with the terms of the deal, which reflect the gross misconduct against Yvonne and I apologize.”