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Who was Zakari Bennett-Eko ( Father, 23, suffering with paranoid schizophrenia killed his 11-month-old son ) Wiki, Bio, Age, incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Zakari Bennett-Eko

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A father Zak Bennett-Eko with paranoid schizophrenia tossed his 11-month-old son Zakari Bennett-Eko into a river because he believed the baby would turn into a devil, a court heard today.

Baby Zakari drowned after being tossed into the River Irwell in Radcliffe

Baby Zakari drowned after being tossed into the River Irwell in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester by his father Zak Bennett-Eko, 23, on September 11 last year while on trial in the Nightingale Court at the theater of Lowry of Salford heard Tuesday.

Prosecutor Rob Hall said that the day Zakari died, Bennett-Eko had an argument with his partner Emma Blood, who was eight months pregnant, when she told him he needed to take care of him herself because she couldn’t take care of two of them. Babies and him.

Mr. Hall said, “It may be that this exchange gave Zak the opinion that they would be better off without Zakari.

Zak will later claim around this time that he saw Zakari’s legs expand and that he, Zakari, turned into a devil. ”

Bennett-Eko left the Radcliffe family house with Miss Blood

Shortly after 4 p.m. Bennett-Eko left the Radcliffe family house with Miss Blood upstairs, his son sat in a stroller and went to the river, the court heard.

The jury heard that Bennett-Eko later said he had crossed with two “devilish” women and that they wanted him to drown his son.

Mr Hall said the defendant was seen by two teenagers who pulled his son out of his stroller, swung him back and forth, and then tossed him into the river below.

He then went to the Lock Keeper Pub, where he was later arrested after telling another customer what he had done, Mr Hall said.

Zakari was rescued from the river by emergency services at around 5:15 p.m. after a number of members of the public sounded the alarm.

The jury heard that he was pronounced dead that evening at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

The court heard that the defendant had suffered from mental health problems throughout his life. At the age of 17, he was severed and diagnosed with cannabis-related psychosis.

Mr. Hall said: “His childhood was marked by violence and cannabis use. ”

He began a relationship with Miss Blood in 2016, and Zakari, their first son, was born in October 2018.

Mr Hall said the couple got into an argument after Zakari was born and Bennett-Eko started missing his GP appointments and started using cannabis again.

The court heard Miss Blood text friends last September to express concern about their behavior.

In one she said: “He says Zakari is not our baby and everything.

“One second he’ll be fine, the next minute he’ll go mad and say he’s going to kill himself.

In other posts, Miss Blood, 23, said Bennett-Eko kicked her door down, threw things at her, and claimed pop star Beyonce was her mother.

Mr Hall said on Sept. 8 that Bennett-Eko had visited North Manchester General Hospital.

He said, “According to records, he appeared very excited and wanted to be separated after he was kicked out of his home by his girlfriend.

“Unfortunately Zak left before he was no longer cared for.

The jury was told that they will hear from three psychiatrists about the condition of Bennett-Eko, who is being held at Ashworth Secure Hospital and not present at his trial.

The indictment states that he is guilty of manslaughter on reduced liability, while the Defense Record states that he is not guilty of insanity, the court heard.

Yesterday Mr. Hall added, “There is no doubt that Mr. Bennett-Eko was suffering from a mental illness at the time.

The act was watched by members of the public who quickly rang the alarm bells, but due to the inaccessibility of the river and the strength of the current, it took about an hour for the emergency services to be able to rescue Zakari at this point his heart had stopped and he was very cold.

The process is expected to take five to seven days.

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