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Who is Zhang Zhan ( Journalist arrested for exposing Wuhan Covid ”cover up”) Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter, YouTube Covid, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Zhang Zhan

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A Chinese journalist who boldly denounced “reporting” on the deadly coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan was jailed for four years for “riot” today.

Zhang Zhan 37 year old was found guilty of “indicting and causing trouble,” according to her legal team after a brief hearing in Shanghai.

The Pudong New Area People’s Court alleged disseminating false information, granting interviews with foreign media, disrupting public order and maliciously manipulating the pandemic.

The news of her detention comes just weeks after The Sun reported online how she would be force-fed and held in jail prior to her trial.

The former lawyer was arrested in May, has been on hunger strike for several months and is believed to be in poor health.

Zhang Zhan Shocked

“Zhang Zhan looked shocked when the verdict was pronounced,” defense attorney Ren Quanniu told AFP.

He added that his mother, who was on trial, sobbed loudly as she read the shocking verdict.

Ms. Zhang went to Wuhan to collect firsthand accounts of life in isolation and posted videos of crematoria operating at midnight, questioning the official death toll.

He also broadcast live scenes on Twitter and YouTube, and filmed outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology, some of which claimed to be the source of the outbreak.

There is no free media in China and authorities are rushing to crack down on whistleblowers who are supposed to undermine the government’s response to the outbreak.

The police reportedly removed her from her hotel room in Wuhan on May 14th on charges of “causing and causing trouble”.

The general law, designed to curb criticism of the government, has a 100% conviction rate and a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

Ms. Zhang went on a hunger strike in September to protest her detention, the Times reported.

Earlier this month, her attorney Zhang Keke said he went to her and found that she was wearing a seat belt around her waist to keep her hands from moving.

They were attached after she recently tried to remove the feeding tubes that had been inserted into her nose and mouth, she told him.

She has had to use it around the clock and needs help in the bathroom.

Chinese Rights Protection Network

Mr. Zhang wrote a report of his visit that was posted on the Chinese Rights Protection Network blog.

His client told him that he suffered from dizziness, headaches and pain in his stomach, mouth and throat.

But he said he would not stop praying and said he would not stop going on a hunger strike.

His arrest was a crackdown by Chinese authorities against independent reports from Wuhan, where Covid-19 emerged late last year.

Chinese authorities have been accused of hiding bugs at the start of the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan and suppressing independent journalism.

Whistleblowers, including Dr. Li Wenliang, who tried to alert the authorities at the beginning of the epidemic, has been targeted.

There was also skepticism about the official death toll, which authorities estimated at 4,634 out of 83,418 cases, significantly lower than many less populous countries with more developed health systems.

“The problem in our country is that everything is hidden,” Ms. Zhang said in one of her videos. “All votes against are considered rumors.”

Ms. Zhang, originally from Shanghai, also turned to the authorities to support the Hong Kong democratic movement.

During the 76-day closure of Wuhan, news from the city was closely monitored and state media focused on efforts such as the swift construction of a hospital and mobilizing health workers from other parts of the city. China.

However, a small number of freelance and blogger connections could paint a more balanced picture.

Three other city journalists are known to have disappeared in Wuhan, including Li Zehua, also known as Kcriss Li.

The 25-year-old aired a live report of the city as he was filming security officers chasing him and then arresting him.

He reappeared on social media in late April after being reported missing for almost two months. He has since been held in a city quarantine center and subsequently taken to an isolation center in his hometown.

Not even known where Chen Qiushi, 34, former human rights attorney, is