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Who was Zoie Bell ( Teenage girl, 14, was truck and killed in front of her high school ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Zoie Bell

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A bus driver has been charged after mowing down a schoolgirl Zoie Bell in an accident on the south coast of New South Wales earlier this year.

Zoie Bell Age

Zoie Bell, 14, was hit and killed by a bus outside Ulladulla High School on South Street in Ulladulla on July 1.

The 61-year-old bus driver was charged with negligent driving leading to death on Wednesday and did not stop at a stop line.

He will appear in Milton County Court on April 15, 2021.

The tragedy struck horrified students and teachers, and paramedics attempted to hide their bodies behind a screen of blankets within minutes of the crash.

A memorial was erected at the school with flowers, photos and messages left in homage to the young girl.

Mother Leonie Smith

The mother of a student attending Ulladulla High School, Leonie Smith, said her daughter was very close to Ms Bell and had stayed at home the weekend before the crash.

“My daughter is devastated and so am I. I just feel sick. I was talking to Zoie at my daughter’s school yesterday as she passed me, ”Ms. Smith told the Daily Telegraph at the time.

“She was a lovely girl and a great friend of my daughter.”

The mother of another student, who chose to remain anonymous, said witnesses to the crash were visibly upset by what they saw.

“I cried out when I heard that she was dead, but I think it was the mother who came out of me. I just couldn’t cope with it, ”the mother said.

South Coast District Police Acting Superintendent Ray Stynes ​​said there were around twelve students on the bus when he met Ms Bell.

The bus driver took a negative breath test on the spot.

Mr Stynes ​​said he spoke to the manager and staff in July.

He said the police condolences extend to the child’s family and the school community.

The education ministry said counseling would be offered to students at the school.

“The community and the department of Ulladulla High School are deeply saddened by the tragic death of one of our students,” said a spokesperson for the department.